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Pastor Watkins was ordained by God to establish a ministry that would specifically minister to people who were spiritually drained. He was given a vision enabling him to witness to people of different nationalities, becoming established in their personal relationship with God. Also, it was and still is Pastor Watkins’ desire to see clergy join hand in hand to fulfill God’s purpose with denominational barriers. After much prayer and fasting, on June 6, 1992 The Body of Christ Assembly, Inc. was established. On September 18, 1993, Pastor Watkins was lead by God to move his wife and three children to Statesboro, Ga. After moving he continued the ministry he had begun. Church services continued to be held at the home of his sister, Annette Holloway and her husband J.R. Holloway, while bible study was held at Pastor and First Lady’s home. January 1994, the Lord blessed the Body of Christ Assembly Inc. to lease a church building located at 238 west Main Street where they resided for 7 years. In 1995, the church purchased six acres of land off the out skirts of Statesboro, Ga. In May of 2001, the present building was erected. Another blessing in the form of release came in 2004. After many years of being a full-time pastor and working a full-time job, Pastor Watkins was blessed to leave his secular job and focus solely on the ministry. The Body of Christ Inc. continued to grow and change. Under Pastor Watkins’ leadership and at the ushering of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Watkins sets out to find a church covering to maintain accountability and develop leadership. Abundant Life Ministries met this need in April of 2005, where Pastor Woodrow Walker and First Lady Francine Walker preside.

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