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r.e.a.d.y 2000

                     About Us

   Our organization desires to enhance self-awareness, strengthen self-confidence, improve communication skills, and to help such young people better understand and manage their own sexuality in a responsible healthy way.  R.E.A.D.Y. also provides opportunities for young people to make positive contributions to their community through civic projects and various avenues of service.


   We also provide children in Bulloch County and surrounding areas with an opportunity to engage in financially affordable wholesome, enriching activities during the summer, headed and organized by the organization and supported and sponsored by various community partners. The summer camp, being the organization’s biggest endeavor, has been held every year since 2007, and continues to be the organization’s most popular program.  The summer camp, various workshops, and other community outreach events, R.E.A.D.Y. has had the privileged of serving over 800 youth in the past 17 years

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